Proposal Shaping Up? Consider these Diamond Shapes

By Donna Jolly, RJ

You met the perfect person. You both like the same food, the same music, the same guilty pleasures on Bravo. You like each other’s family and friends. Everything works. It’s just…right.

And so, you’ve come to realize: it’s time to pop THE question.

Before you start Googling the “Perfect Proposal” or looking at YouTube videos of modern day Romeos hijacking Jumbotrons at basketball games, or even tying rings to helium balloons (which fly away…with the ring), get down to the heart of the matter: the ring.

Diamond cutters are not just master craftsmen, they are magicians with a cutting wheel and they create amazingly beautiful shapes. AGS Laboratories pioneered the light performance cut grade for fancy shapes, which means between the diamond cutters and AGS Laboratories, you now have more options of beautiful diamonds to choose from.

If a traditional round brilliant diamond is too, well, traditional, consider one with a different shape. Fancy Shaped or Fancy Cut diamonds (as they are also known) are beautiful and sometimes even more affordable than the traditional round brilliant. They can also come with diamond grading reports so that you can best understand the diamond’s characteristics.

Here are four different cuts to consider when shopping for the perfect ring.


Square often gets a bad rap. Teens in the 60s and 70s told their parents, “Man! You are so square,” as they stomped off to their room. But when it comes to diamonds, square cuts are a bit of a rebel. Next to round brilliant diamonds, they have plenty of sparkle. If your honey has a bit of a wild streak, go square, like this pretty piece from Ashi Diamonds, surrounded by round brilliants in rose gold.



Emerald cuts are another great alternative. Take this East/West emerald cut from Two by London. A simple halo of round diamonds and diamonds down the shank of the ring make this sparkler a winner.

Emerald Cut East West Two by London


Ovals are classic diamonds that are just a bit more cheeky than a round brilliant. They say, “I have a classic style, with a bit of an edge.” Just like this stunner from GJS USA.

GJS USA Oval Engagement Ring


Oh Marquis, you grand ole’ cut. This shape is perfect for someone who likes glamor, glitz and loves to live OUT LOUD. Try to get over the memory of Carrie Bradshaw rejecting the marquis ring Aiden gave her. It was a different decade and it was fiction. Now check out this piece of art-for-the-finger from Supreme Jewelry. On top of all the other wonderful elements, you have to love the mix of white and rose gold!

Supreme Jewelry marquis

The right ring can be found with a little research and shopping around. One thing the right ring needs, though (besides the right person to give it to) is the right jeweler. Find the perfect jeweler here.

Put a ring on it

By Donna Jolly, CSA
American Gem Society

You may think the holidays are over, but they aren’t. The most important romantic holiday of the year is just over a month away, and while it may seem too soon to plan, if you want to give your special someone an engagement ring for Valentine’s Day, then we need to get down to business.

First off, if you don’t already have a jeweler, you can find a professional one right here. These jewelers all have credentials from the American Gem Society, which means they have chosen to take their gemological education to the next level. These are jewelers who have to undergo annual re-certification, just as a CPA would. They are professionals who keep on top of trends, and most importantly, they adhere to a strict code of business ethics.

That’s the nitty gritty of buying an engagement ring. Shop with a professional, credentialed jeweler that you trust, and the rest is all fun—like the ring.

A romantic holiday deserves a romantic setting. I’m not talking about a candle-lit restaurant, but the actual ring setting. Here’s three great ones to chose from:

MaeVona always has romantic designs, and this round brilliant-cut solitaire is enough to make a Harlequin Romance heroin swoon. It’s accented with four round diamonds set in 18K white and rose gold.



Padparadscha Sapphire is very rare, very luxurious, and as romantic as a Keats poem. If you pop the question with this ring from Omi Prive and she doesn’t say “Yes,” take her to ER. Anyone woman with a pulse will love this one. The exquisite sapphire on its own is enough, but with diamonds down the side of ring, it’s divine.

Omi Prive

Omi Prive

Finally, there’s this pretty thing of a ring from ASHI Diamonds. A halo surrounding a center stone, diamond side baguettes—it is superfluous to say it’s a sparkling vision? Because it is.

ASHI  Diamonds

ASHI Diamonds

For more ideas, visit us on Facebook, and stay tuned to this blog. We are launching our 2nd annual Perfect Proposal Toolkit on January 31. You could win a $2,500 gift card to an American Gem Society jeweler!