April is the Month of Brilliance


Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs

The birthstone for April is a gem that’s near and dear to us. It’s the keystone of the American Gem Society logo, and they offer grading reports for this precious gem based on science and accuracy. We’re talking about diamonds.

Diamonds have been admired for centuries, and some historians estimate they were traded as early as four BC. One of the reasons it is so admired and valued is because of the process by which a diamond is formed well below the earth’s crust, then forced upward until it is uncovered. These natural forces are what make each and every diamond unique.

Part of the diamond grading process includes testing the diamond for clarity. This is when the lab determines the relative visibility of the inclusions in a diamond and their impact on the overall visual appearance. Inclusions are the internal or external flaws of the diamond which are a result of the tremendous heat and pressure a diamond is subjected to in its journey to the surface.

The gemologists in the AGS Laboratories have come across some very unusual and rare inclusions, which they call “Clarity Rarities.” Click here to see an example of their most recent find!

Diamonds come in several colors, including yellow, red, pink, blue, and green, and range in intensity from faint to vivid. Generally speaking, the more saturated the color, the higher the value.

AGS Laboratories only grades white diamonds and are the leaders in cut grade. Because of their proprietary light performance cut grade, diamond cutters understand how to cut a more beautiful diamond—which means you have more beautiful, sparkling options when shopping for diamonds!

This is why we love diamonds so much. Their beauty is endless and they never cease to amaze us. But enough talk about diamonds, let’s enjoy these gorgeous designs by some of our AGS members!


If you’re celebrating a birthday in April, a 60th anniversary (congratulations!), or love diamonds as much as we do, be sure to contact an AGS-certified jeweler near you. They’ll help you find the diamond of your dreams! And don’t forget to ask for an AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report. Accept no substitutes, and buy your diamond with confidence!

6 Jewelry Trends for 2017

By Jennifer Heebner

Directional colors and styles of jewelry shape up annually based on a trio of familiar factors—what’s trending in Hollywood, what the fashion designers are sending down the runways, and the gem material that Mother Nature provides. The following six jewelry trends were born from the intersection of these occasions, so keep them top of mind this year for gifts and self-rewards.

Oversize earrings. Calderesque versions in costume materials were evident on models at several spring couture shows though karat-gold numbers are an heirloom-quality choice. AGS members have plenty of options!


Chandelier earrings in 18k gold with rose-cut diamonds and rubies from Vivaan.

Hearts. Love takes a literal interpretation next season. Just look at the word itself on sweaters by Michael Kors! While hearts can elicit mixed reactions—are they kitsch or cool?—know the fashion gods have committed to them this year. Would you wear a heart? Diamond options (here and below) are hard to resist!


Ring in platinum with a heart-shaped yellow diamond, a heart-shaped emerald, and colorless diamonds from Setaré.

Choker necklaces. These continue to enjoy the spotlight. Both Céline and Versace sent choker-wearing models down the spring runways to create chic style messages. Chokers can feature traditional (think cameos) or contemporary elements ideal for wear dressed up for evening or down with denim during the day.


Choker necklace in 18k Strawberry Gold with Chocolate and Vanilla diamonds and a Neon Paraiba Tourmaline from Le Vian.

Mismatched earrings. These range from subtly mismatched styles—one stud and one drop—at Dior to completely different designs on each ear. And related to this trend of uneven mates are the large single earrings being worn solo. No matter how you wear the mismatched look, its novelty will attract attention and admirers.


Mismatched earrings in 18k gold with diamonds from Erica Courtney.

Statement necklaces. Recent red carpet jewelry placements have fueled a growing appetite for attention-grabbing necklaces. Expect to keep seeing bibs, big pendants on long chains (think Givenchy’s über-cool agates), and multi-layer options that build a look by using many slimmer styles.


Collar necklace in 18k gold with blue chalcedony from Goshwara.

Pearls. From natural-color Chinese freshwaters to Japanese Akoya and South Sea varieties, pearls are making a comeback among jewelry designers for their iconic beauty. Even fashion brands like Gucci worked pearl accents into 2017 lines, further cementing the lustrous orb’s must-have status.


Earrings in 24k gold with baroque-shape freshwater pearls and diamonds from Lika Behar Collection.

If you’re loving these jewelry trends, search for an AGS jeweler near you. They’ll help you find any of the above designs, match you with similar looks, or help you design your very own trend-setting style!

Jewelers of America Fashion Show and AGS Suppliers’ Showcase

By Robin Skibicki

During the American Gem Society’s Conclave, held April 13-16, 2016 in Washington, D.C., Jewelers of America produced their annual Fashion Show. This much-anticipated show starred AGS suppliers and their gorgeous jewelry! After the show, guests mingled with their AGS suppliers for a closer look at what the models were wearing.

We’d like to thank all of the participants for showing their support and making this event a huge success! Not pictured is Grunberger Diamonds, who displayed their exquisite diamonds at the AGS Suppliers’ Showcase.

A special thanks goes to Ella-Rue for providing the luxury fashions complimenting the jewelry.

Hearts On Fire


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Instagram Favorites

By Amanda L. Colborn

It has been awhile since we blogged about our top likes for the American Gem Society Instagram page. We thought this would be a good opportunity to look back at what fine jewelry pieces have the most likes from our followers.  The followers of our Instagram page definitely do not disappoint, the four pieces below are what have the most likes and they are absolutely stunning!

blog_omiprive_1First up is a stunning ring by Omi Privé.  It’s easy to see why people loved this ring so much, just look at it! This jaw-dropping 10.10ct pink-orange tourmaline is set in beautiful rose gold and surrounded by diamonds. This ring is so feminine and classy, who wouldn’t fall in love with it?

blog_yaeldesigns_2Next up, a unique piece by Yael Designs.  This ring is a blue zircon and diamonds set in white gold.  We love the claw clasp holding the center stone, this ring would be a perfect accompaniment to any upcoming winter-themed celebration.

blog_wimmersdiamonds_3Here is something you don’t get to see everyday!  Wimmer’s Diamonds posted this very cool photo of rough diamonds on their Instagram page and people seemed to just love it!  As much as we love looking at gorgeous pieces of fine jewelry, it is always great to see how diamonds look naturally — they’re always beautiful no matter what stage they’re in!

blog_alsonjewelers_5Last and certainly not least, we have this piece from Alson Jewelers.  This 3.28ct fancy yellow diamond ring commands attention and adoration.  It was no surprise to us that this piece made the list of top likes, it’s absolutely beautiful!

How do you feel about our top liked pieces on Instagram?  Let us know your favorite in the comment section, we love hearing from you!

Social Media Standouts

This week has been another outstanding week on social media for the American Gem Society.  Our fans have been extremely engaged with our posts and there were a few that have really stood out.

First, this yellow diamond pendant from Armadani.  Our fans immediately fell in love with it, and rightfully so. It is stunning!


Then today, we posted this pink diamond ring from Supreme Jewelry. It has been an instant hit! It has racked up more likes and shares in just a few hours than other posts will get in a week. Obviously, it is a special piece.



These are just a couple of the pieces that we shared throughout this week.  Visit our Facebook page to see all of the amazing jewelry we have to share.  Also, while you’re there make sure you register to win a $2,500 gift certificate to an AGS Jeweler near you!

Canary Diamond, Sing to Me!

By Megan Cott, Social Media Associate, Yael Designs

Want to know what the hot new trend in celebrity engagement rings is?

Canary Diamonds are all the rage lately and we are not surprised these dazzling lemon drops are making a splash. After all, who could resist such a cheery, sunny diamond sparkling on their ring finger? It also doesn’t hurt that in addition to the sentiments of love and commitment associated with colorless diamonds, the Canary Diamond has an added meaning of prosperity and joy.


The most recent, and one of the biggest, Canary Diamond engagement rings we have seen is Holly Madison’s. At a whopping 18 carats, this cushion-cut diamond is one for the books! Designed by Holly’s husband-to-be, the band is inspired by Art Nouveau style (another recent trend) and wreathed in yellow and pink diamond flowers. This ring is as bold and unique as Holly herself. Congratulations Holly!


Holly’s Canary Diamond joins the ranks of other celebrity engagement rings worn by Rebecca Romijn, Heidi Klum and Kelly Clarkson. Kelly’s cushion-cut ring from beau Brandon Blackstock is wreathed by colorless diamonds, adding another layer of stunning complement and giving the ring a luminous disposition. We love how versatile Canary Diamonds are, whether they are surrounded by white diamonds or yellow diamonds, like Heidi Klum’s stunner, they look breathtaking on a woman’s hand.

Rebecca Romijn’s canary diamond engagement ring style takes the stone’s vibrancy even further. Varying shades of pave diamond bands accompanied her center diamond until she had the setting redone recently. Now, the ohh la la Canary dangles from a yellow gold and white diamond setting. This is one trend in Hollywood we want to see more of!


Want to learn more about diamond engagement rings? Read about the history of the diamond as an engagement ring or get some tips on planning the perfect proposal.