Jewelry Styles for a Virtual World

In 2020 we embraced video meetings; that practice continues into 2021. Though it may not have the same connection of in-person meetings, there is a silver lining: the evolving role of jewelry and the resulting trends.

Bold, colorful necklaces and earrings show well on camera, adding color and cheerfulness. Dressing for the camera means selective use of color and re-thinking the scale of jewelry; what we easily see in person is often lost on screen. Vivid colors and statement jewelry certainly help. So, as long as we are all under the eye of the omnipresent camera lens, remember the words of Harry Winston: “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

For color, Krainz Creations is known for their dazzling pieces. Be it a business Zoom call or a happy hour hangout, gems from Krainz Creations are guaranteed to lift everyone’s spirits. 

After color, size matters. Bold jewelry shows better on camera, and, in real life, statement pieces impress like nothing else. The rise in popularity of larger pieces attests to the prevalence of digital communication—and audacious jewels are always fun. AGS member ÉVOCATEUR presents hefty, crazy-beautiful treasures.

And on the subject that bigger is better for waist-up, videoconferencing dressing, big links are trending. Chunky chains, oversized, and designed in new ways, add a little edginess to the statement piece category. Lika Behar likes her links in mixed metals and diamonds. 

In a return to classics, the pearl is having a moment. Beyond the stud and the time-honored three-strand, pearls are worked into unique pieces by ASBA USA, Inc. From whimsical to modern, ASBA offers pearls in an array of beautiful settings. 

Are you looking for styles that will look amazing on and off camera? Visit an American Gem Society jeweler near you.

Tips from Jewelers Mutual: How to Lower Your Jewelry Insurance Cost

A sure sign that you’re “adulting” is looking for ways to save money by cutting your costs. As you plan for your future, a little extra savings—even with jewelry insurance—can certainly give you peace of mind.

If you currently insure your fine jewelry, did you know there are ways to lower your costs? Just like your home, car, or health insurance, jewelry insurance has ways to help you save some cash.

Jewelers Mutual Group offers a variety of discounts. Read their blog, “How to Lower Your Jewelry Insurance Cost,” to learn more!