Only My Diamond™ Makes Understanding the 4Cs Simple

Hearts On Fire

“Liliana” halo engagement ring by Hearts On Fire.

When you are making a diamond purchase, you want to know the story of the diamond, right? The more you know, the easier it is to make an informed decision.

That’s where a diamond grading report comes in. It’s just what it says it is: a report that grades the various qualities of diamonds.

AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Reports take that analysis to the next level with Only My Diamond.

Only My Diamond is a mobile-friendly tool that provides an easy, quick and interactive way to understand a diamond’s grading report.

This user and mobile-friendly tool includes numerous features, all designed to explain the unique characteristics of your diamond. Some highlights of Only My Diamond are the interactive video of your exact diamond, as well as proprietary features from AGS Laboratories that help explain how your diamond performs in different lighting environments (which is at the root of a diamond’s sparkle!)

Share the story of your diamond with your friends and family.

Watch this quick video to learn how Only My Diamond works. Then ask your jeweler for Only My Diamond from AGS Laboratories. Click here to find a trusted, AGS credentialed jeweler.

Already have an Only My Diamond report? Click here to view your report. Enter your report number and the diamond’s carat weight in the fields provided.

If you don’t have Only My Diamond, why not take it for a test drive? Click here and enter 9999805 into the AGS number field and then enter .567 for the weight.

Top Jewelry Trends from the Las Vegas Shows

By Jennifer Heebner, Guest Writer

The only thing hotter than the temperature in the Las Vegas desert were the new styles that debuted at the recently held jewelry shows! JCK LUXURY, JCK Las Vegas, and the Couture jewelry show were held at overlapping times between June 2–8 in Sin City, where some of the most significant jewelry in North America debuted to the trade. By fall, shoppers will be finding these pieces in stores. What can you expect to see? Here’s a peek at three looks that are sure to be the next popular jewelry trends.

Convertible Jewelry

Convertible styles—pieces that transform to wear in multiple ways—were the most widely seen looks at the shows. Think two bracelets that unite to form a necklace, or a long necklace that can be worn as a lariat or belt.

For sure, versatility was on the brain at New York City–based design house Gumuchian, which added several convertible styles to its inventory. “We added more delicate motifs that lend themselves to everyday wear and to layering,” explains Jodi Goldsmith, the brand’s public relations and marketing director. Gumuchian’s newest offerings, made in 18k gold, can be worn six different ways.

New Carousel necklace N388DY ways to wear_

All the different ways to wear Gumchian’s convertible Carousel necklace.

Hexagon Silhouettes

Geometry has also been trending for several seasons, and diamond jewelry maker KC Designs, based in New York City, is as smitten with the angular effects as anybody. The brand introduced myriad hexagon shapes to its existing Mosaic jewelry collection of round brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds.

Tiffany Sabo, marketing and sales manager, says the pieces were well received because of the simplicity of the shapes, which are easy to “dress up or down.” Plus, fans like “the openness of the designs,” she says of styles that feature graphic and airy hexagon silhouettes.

KC Designs_R4498

Hexagon-shape open ring from KC Designs.

Single and Mismatched Earrings

These were another standout among many designers, who offered them in both diamond and gemstone variations. The look speaks to the lover of fearless individuality who craves customization. The style? Earrings in pairs or multiples that aren’t identical and offer a brazen, uninhibited, and playful effect that celebrates character and self-expression.

Erica Courtney

Mismatched earrings from Erica Courtney.

Have you been inspired by these three soon-to-be popular jewelry trends? Visit a credentialed American Gem Society Jeweler near you and they’ll help you find the look you love!

Tips from Jewelers Mutual: When and How to Make a Ring Smaller Without Resizing

Diamond Ring

To resize or not to resize, that is the question. Our bodies do go through occasional changes, whether it’s due to the weather or other circumstances. But should you rush out to get your ring resized?

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company shares some great advice on temporary solutions in their latest blog, When and How to Make a Ring Smaller Without Resizing.

The 5 Hottest Spring Jewelry Trends in 2017

Right now we’re in the heart of spring, with summer just a few weeks away. Hooray! As we prep our wardrobe for warmer weather, our jewelry should follow suit. It’s time to opt for pieces that are light and playful. And since you’ll be out in the sunshine, don’t forget to go with some sparkle!

AGS member, Hearts On Fire, shares a few spring trends that are turning up the heat this season. Click here to read their blog, The 5 Hottest Spring Jewelry Trends in 2017.

Top 3 Gem and Jewelry Trends from Baselworld

By Jennifer Heebner, Guest Writer

A springtime tradition in Basel, Switzerland is for visitors to nosh on in-season white asparagus and dinnertime staple rösti potatoes, but many diners are also privy to a coveted non-edible feast: new fine jewelry and watches at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair.

Some of the world’s glitziest brands exhibit in this high-end annual happening, which took place March 23-30, 2017. Baselworld is where the toniest international merchants shop the latest and most lavish looks. Unlike many other trade-only fairs, however, consumers are permitted entry to ogle over-the-top window displays of gem-encrusted wares alongside business-minded buyers from San Francisco to Shanghai. (Local hotels fill up quickly, though, so book your 2018 trip now if interested.)

During our time at this year’s event, a few top looks stood out in the sea of bling. Here are three categories of fine jewelry trends you can expect to see in stores by the holidays.

Classic color. The term “Big Three” refers to the trio of most widely sold gemstones—ruby, emerald, and sapphire—after diamonds, and these were abundant at the fair. Why? When the world markets are unsettled, manufacturers often position classics as familiar, safe buys. Stone dealer Vinod Kotahwala of the eponymous firm had ample offerings of better-quality sapphires and emeralds on hand for this reason. “We offer unheated goods only,” he explains. [Stones that escape heating are almost always top quality rocks.]


Pear-shaped emerald by Vinod Kotahwala.

Fancy shapes and cuts of gemstones. These are ideal for designer-driven looks. For example, mixed sizes and shapes of Colombian and Zambian emeralds from Gaurav Shah of Real Gems were a hit at the fair because they are abundant and available in consistent sizes. “The cautiousness of the market means that smaller commercial and calibrated goods are selling,” he says. Translation: Unique, well-priced, and on-trend numbers are yours to claim by fall.


Sapphire drop earrings from Real Gems.

Delicate looks for layering. New styles unveiled at the show confirm that lightweight long station necklaces, dainty pendants, and slim bangles ideal for stacking will remain store staples in 2017. Vishal Kotahwala of Royal India noted that the delicate silhouettes available in his Aero line of tiny bezel-free, drilled diamonds dangling from platinum and gold wire feature myriad fancy shapes, offer a feathery feel on the skin, and have an entry price that costs less than an airline ticket to the show.


Diamond briolette necklace from Royal India’s Aero styles.

If you’re in search of fine jewelry trends like those above, be sure to visit an AGS jeweler near you. They’ll help you find the style and gemstones that best fit your personality and lifestyle!