Red Carpet Trends from the Golden Globes

Last night’s star-studded Golden Globes Awards was much anticipated by gossip columnists hungry to dish, Hollywood celebs vying for an award, and, of course, jewelry lovers who wanted to see some major sparkle. The Red Carpet show did not disappoint. Jewelry insiders today are buzzing about three trends spotted last evening: Yellow gold, art deco inspired jewelry and geometric designs.

In the hallways of the American Gem Society, here’s three stars we were talking about this morning; or to be more specific, we were talking about their jewelry:

Cate Blanchett wins our award for classiest look. The actress was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for her role in Blue Jasmine; she won, and she also won our vote for her diamond sideways-set gold hoop earrings. The marquise-cut stones mimicked the lace of her dress; nice touch. In a town where the tendency is to go too big and too loud, she kept things classy and beautiful.

Cate Blanchett

Sofia Vergara turned heads as always, but had a little extra insurance to up the glam factor: A carved turquoise and diamond choker. It was a statement piece that stood out on a night where there were many statement pieces.

Sofia Vergara

Finally, Jennifer Lawrence, proved she’s not only got some good old-fashion American Hustle, she’s got just as much style. What’s not to love about these  platinum drop earrings with black spinel, onyx, black diamonds, jade, and coral? Not to mention the stunning bracelets and rings, all vintage numbers adding up to $2.5 million in value.

The 71st Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

The Golden Globes is great foreshadowing for the Oscars. Sure, it gives us a better clue as to who might win the coveted award, but more so, it shows us who can bring the shine to the Red Carpet pre-show.

Put a ring on it

By Donna Jolly, CSA
American Gem Society

You may think the holidays are over, but they aren’t. The most important romantic holiday of the year is just over a month away, and while it may seem too soon to plan, if you want to give your special someone an engagement ring for Valentine’s Day, then we need to get down to business.

First off, if you don’t already have a jeweler, you can find a professional one right here. These jewelers all have credentials from the American Gem Society, which means they have chosen to take their gemological education to the next level. These are jewelers who have to undergo annual re-certification, just as a CPA would. They are professionals who keep on top of trends, and most importantly, they adhere to a strict code of business ethics.

That’s the nitty gritty of buying an engagement ring. Shop with a professional, credentialed jeweler that you trust, and the rest is all fun—like the ring.

A romantic holiday deserves a romantic setting. I’m not talking about a candle-lit restaurant, but the actual ring setting. Here’s three great ones to chose from:

MaeVona always has romantic designs, and this round brilliant-cut solitaire is enough to make a Harlequin Romance heroin swoon. It’s accented with four round diamonds set in 18K white and rose gold.



Padparadscha Sapphire is very rare, very luxurious, and as romantic as a Keats poem. If you pop the question with this ring from Omi Prive and she doesn’t say “Yes,” take her to ER. Anyone woman with a pulse will love this one. The exquisite sapphire on its own is enough, but with diamonds down the side of ring, it’s divine.

Omi Prive

Omi Prive

Finally, there’s this pretty thing of a ring from ASHI Diamonds. A halo surrounding a center stone, diamond side baguettes—it is superfluous to say it’s a sparkling vision? Because it is.

ASHI  Diamonds

ASHI Diamonds

For more ideas, visit us on Facebook, and stay tuned to this blog. We are launching our 2nd annual Perfect Proposal Toolkit on January 31. You could win a $2,500 gift card to an American Gem Society jeweler!

Garnet in Many Shades

By Anna Samsonova, CGA, Ben Bridge Jeweler

This January birthstone has a deep history and comes in many colors.

Although birthstones have now been established and represent the 12 months of the year, this wasn’t always the case. Birthstones were first associated with Aaron’s (Exodus) breastplate, and believed to be for the 12 zodiac signs. In modern times, most people only associate with their own birthstone, throughout history it was believed to be lucky to wear the birthstone for each month. Currently, the accepted zodiac and monthly birthstones are different, and some months are even lucky to have options!


We start the year off with Garnet, usually a deep red color. Did you know though, that Garnet comes in many shades and colors? My personal favorite are Green Garnets. The color options don’t stop there, they can also be anywhere from purplish to orange. Garnets received their name from the pomegranate fruit, dating back to ancient Greece.


All birthstones are believed to have different meanings and healing properties. Garnets are said to act as a deterrent of depression and thought to bring patience.

January babies, if the typical deep red isn’t your color, don’t worry. Step out of the box and pick a garnet of a different color!