The Top Three Jewelry Surprises at the Golden Globes

Today’s post is written by American Gem Society member and guest blogger, Lisa Bridge, Certified Gemologist, of Ben Bridge Jewelers.

 In college the only times I got homesick were during holidays and award shows.  I love award shows.  I love to see what people are wearing on such an important night, and last night at the Golden Globes certainly didn’t disappoint.

Instead of covering the big trends of the night (pendant earrings and colored gemstones amongst them), I thought it more interesting to talk about the three things that surprised (and delighted) me the most.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

#3-  Kerry Washington wore a petite vintage Movado.  I found it surprising for two reasons.  The first was that we rarely see women on the red carpet wearing timepieces.  With so many beautiful watches out there it has always confused me, so I was particularly thrilled to see Kerry Washington wearing one. The second was the diminutive size of the watch.  Watches have seemed to grow larger and larger in the past few years to almost comical proportions (I’m not judging, I love my oversize TW Steel), but this was just the opposite.  It was old Hollywood glam with diamonds adorning every inch.  It was a stunning part of her outfit.



#2-  After years of bare necks, I was happily surprised by the number of women wearing necklaces.  The most popular style of necklace worn was stunning diamond collars (also known as Riviera necklaces).  A diverse group of actresses chose to take on the trend from Olivia Munn to Sally Field to Jessica Alba.  Each one wore the regal style and brought a bit of old Hollywood glam to the red carpet.

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel

#1-  I love classic pearls, but rarely do I see them on the red carpet.  ZooeyDeschanel looked very retro in her matching pearl suite.  Her pearl strand was rich and lustrous and was a wonderful departure from many of the red carpet jewels.  Although I often eschew being too ‘matchy-matchy’, Zooey looked pulled together in her matching pearl studs, bracelet, and strand. 

With the red carpet season starting off on such a high note, I can hardly wait to see what the stars will wear next!


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